miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

The witch History

Carolina ansewerd her aunt question all the girl in the village say I just un ugly and bastard person that doesn`t deserve live and I should burn just like my mother did.

Carrie look at her niece and worried. Do you remember your mother dear Carolina? of course, you don`t wou were so little,do you know why they burned your mother(paulina)? Carolina shook her head as her aunt continue, they acussed her for being a witch,but they accused her beacuse she was so happy.It is true that yourmother and father never married but they jus thought it wasn`t worth it, they loved each other anyway, your not a uglyand bastard person carolina.

viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009


a. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?

She definitely should have done before see a map about the orangutan
rehabilitation centers because if she didn`t know where was located this center obviously she couldn`t find the Orangutan Center and I think that is very imporant that Miriam made her backpack but with enough time for put all the things necessary for her trip.

b. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?

Clearly she needed put the alarm in the correct time because she was pushed for time and forgot some things importants for example the guidebook.

c. what should she do now?

maybe she should take a flight doesn't matter the price because she had fault for be irresponsible.

what's happening?

In the first one the waiter put a baloon in his head because he wanted to attrac the atention of the client because they probably will give him more tip.

The second picture the dancer maybe wanted to shoot the panel of judges because they put bad evaluation.

Finally I think that he wanted do a joke and the bald men cannot run..

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

travel and transport

I believe that the best transportation here in chile is the subway because is very very fast and you can go anywhere. another benefit is cleanliness and give you a good service. The people can be safe and is very inexpensive all people can use this transportation all day and all week.

we as a student have a benefit of "Pase Escolar" and is more cheaper than the rest of the people.

this is a good tranportation system that can get you to all places of Santiango.

This is the easiest method of transportation in Santiago and if you live closer to downtown you should buy a "Multivia" which will cost about $2.000 pesos and can be recharged.

For a Long distance the best transportation is a bus because if you would like to travel to other parts of chile there are buses that go to just about every part. Rides to the beach from Santiago are about an hour and a half but if you want to go the north or south of chile you spend from 6-24 hours depending on your destination is for this that I recommend take a bus because is safe and fast.

however if you don't like long bus rides you can flying or take a train to the south.

What effect does tourism have on Chile?

I think that helps the economy en chile. it can, by using the gains of turims, improve the lifestyle in our country.

the tourims in chile is very important because we can make that the tourims understand and therefore learn to respect the environment in general and how is the lifestyle here. and is very important too because the tourims can bring more employment.

this country is very exciting for the tourims because they can enjoy the landscape and the beautiful beach.

chile attract thousands of visitors from our country and the rest of the world who wnat to relax.

In my opinion I think that the author has other idea with respect my opinion because he thinks that the tourims is negative but I think taht is very important first because we can share with other people and other culture... the offers for traveling are very good and the government recive a lot of money by the tourims and can invest in our country.

miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009


1. how is the weather in BVI?

2.why he thought that friday is a good day?

3.why he drunks a orange juice?

4.what he did the rest of afternoon?

5.what norma said when he called him?