jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


Dear helen Ryan:

Thanks for writing. I was really excited to hear that I won the competition (two weeks at camp California in the U.S.A). Is my first trip and I'm very nervous. I never think something like that!

so I give you all the information that you need.

first of all I'd like to travel only in july because the weather in this month is fantastic because I love when rains and in this month normally rains a lot.

secondly I prefer the log cabins because I tnink that is most apropiate for the month and weather. I was thinking that is more comfortable.

I want two activities for my trip, two of them are very important in my life

first, I want to climbing because with my father do this all the time. And the other one is swimming because I can be fit and health.

I'm thinking something and I would like to ask you. I need enough money for the trip so, can you give me the money that I need? Is very Important to me because I hate don't have money for me.

Yours Sincerely

Carolina Castañeda.


Dear Ursula:

many thanks for your last letter. the new house is a perfect place for living, how are you with this new experience? I'm sorry I haven't written sooner, but I've been really busy with my animals.

It's great fun, , though I still haven't got used to getting up at six every morning to milk the cows!

we often have the radio on while we're doing it, so is not too bad. but let me tell you that in the nigth is a very funny place and we can go to the center of this village.

that reminds me the santiago city, do you remember that? if you're free in the summer you could visit me and we could enjoy our best summer together.

anyway, I must go now but you need to know that I miss you very much ok. don't forget that.
can't wait hear from you

best wishes