miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009


I believe that set up a common room for the students is a excellent idea for us because when we have a free time we don't know where we can stay.

I don't know if in the university there are rooms unused that the directors can facilitate but they can make a big room with sofa, chairs, tables, televisio, radio and a microwave because sometimes we need heat the food.

finally the room should be comfortable and a nice place I mean the room should have a lot of windows and shoulb be paint with a relax colors for we feel a good atmosphere and where we can be peaceful!

I hope that my opinion can help you and we as students will be much better!



Carolina Castañeda.

lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Child Abuse!

In chile about 300 childrens are victims of abuse every year and the abuse could be physical, emotional, sexual or neglect.

How could anyone abuse a defenseless child? but this kind of abuse are much more common that you can imagine, but this problem can occur not only in the poorest people because in the rich people every day there are more cases like this but the T.V don't talk about this and always show other cases (about poor people).

In chile about two months ago we can saw a teacher that abuse for one year of a students and he has only 14 years old... in my opinion I think that is terrible and the person that do this actions are very mad! and is incredible because the mad woman is free.

there are many factors in the child abuse that we can find:

Alcohol or drug abuse
Domestic violence
History of child abuse (the history continues)

But in chile fortunately we have a lot of companies that can give you help and if you have a problem they will help you.
one of them are Galpon Artes, Abuso sexual infantil, etc here those organizations help them and give them all the necessary for they can be good!

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

I have been thinking about the report published teh last week on the demonstration against the building of a by pass for oldbury and let me say something... I think that there are a mistakes.

Firts of all the demostration against of the construction of the road will destroy all kinds of plants, tree and animal in extintion!!

second in your report said that there were 200 protest and there were 2,000 people and also you said that there were people sat in the road and blocked the acces to the site but is very strange because i didn't see nobody protesting with violence only saw a protesters very peaceful and all the people live there and you said that the protest live in other country and I think that is false!

Finally I would like know about all of this protest and you could send me an email for having a information apropriate of this case!

your sincerely!

Carolina Castañeda!

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009


1.what do you think about the global warming? do you think that the responsability is only of people?

2.what would you do if you saw someone throw rubbish on the street or on the park?

3. do you think that is a good idea select the rubbish by plastic, glass, etc.?

4. do you think that is necessary that the people take conscience about the polution that there is in Santiago city? What could you do for sort out this?

5. how can you help to prevent the forest fire?

6. Are you agree with people that are using spray products?

7. what do you think when the humans are killing whales? do you agree or disagree with this

8. how we can make a world without polution and more clean?

9. do you think that is a good idea fell wood in the forest?

10. What you can do for saving energy?

Carolina Castañeda
Guillermo Ovalle....

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009


When I was a child I travelled with my family to Australia
There I have my dear uncle and my dear nephews.
One day we were playing with my nephews in the park when suddenly we saw a big big tornado but very far of us, I and my nephews were a little kids and we began to cry because we can’t believe that was seeing.
So my nephew called his father (my uncle) and he said “kids you should be calm”
But we were very kids and we ran in direction of my uncle’s house….
The air was terrible because was very strong and dangerous because into the tornado we can find rubbish for example parts of a car, roof of house etc... And these things could hit in our face or in our bodies...

So when we arrived my uncle’s house we enter an underground that he has in his house with a lot of food and some things for example: a bed, refrigerator, table, chairs and a radio because he say that he should be informed.

After that we saw the house and was destroy but in this country is very normal and my uncle decided start again obviously my family help them and after that my parents decided come back to Chile.

Nowadays all the people are scared for the crime that exist in the street.

The people cannot wear nothing like a gold earings, purses, rings and nothing that the thief find interesting but I think that the solution for that is :

Take Responsibility

One of the keys ways of ordinary members of society helping to prevent crime in their communities is by taking responsibility for that community. This responsibility takes many forms. It could mean, as a parent, making sure you always know where your children are, who they are with and what they are doing. If you do not know this, can you be sure that they are not causing trouble for other people. Equally, taking responsibility may mean joining some kind of local group aiming to better the neighbourhood in which you live. This may be something such as doing up a neglected garden which has been a magnet for vandals. By restoring its beauty, residents will take pride in it and the vandals will be less likely to return.

Don't Be Afraid

In recent years, people have become wary, fuelled by media reports of crime on the increase. And while it is right to take due care and sensible precautions, such as not walking alone late at night in deserted streets, if we leave the streets of our communities altogether, then we are leaving them to the criminals. So be aware of your surroundings but do not be unduly scared. For instance, if you see a group of youngsters hanging out, the chances are, they are not doing any harm. There is usually no need to be afraid of walking past them. Do not let perceived fear of crime affect the way you live your life – or criminals will be winning.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


Dear helen Ryan:

Thanks for writing. I was really excited to hear that I won the competition (two weeks at camp California in the U.S.A). Is my first trip and I'm very nervous. I never think something like that!

so I give you all the information that you need.

first of all I'd like to travel only in july because the weather in this month is fantastic because I love when rains and in this month normally rains a lot.

secondly I prefer the log cabins because I tnink that is most apropiate for the month and weather. I was thinking that is more comfortable.

I want two activities for my trip, two of them are very important in my life

first, I want to climbing because with my father do this all the time. And the other one is swimming because I can be fit and health.

I'm thinking something and I would like to ask you. I need enough money for the trip so, can you give me the money that I need? Is very Important to me because I hate don't have money for me.

Yours Sincerely

Carolina Castañeda.