lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Child Abuse!

In chile about 300 childrens are victims of abuse every year and the abuse could be physical, emotional, sexual or neglect.

How could anyone abuse a defenseless child? but this kind of abuse are much more common that you can imagine, but this problem can occur not only in the poorest people because in the rich people every day there are more cases like this but the T.V don't talk about this and always show other cases (about poor people).

In chile about two months ago we can saw a teacher that abuse for one year of a students and he has only 14 years old... in my opinion I think that is terrible and the person that do this actions are very mad! and is incredible because the mad woman is free.

there are many factors in the child abuse that we can find:

Alcohol or drug abuse
Domestic violence
History of child abuse (the history continues)

But in chile fortunately we have a lot of companies that can give you help and if you have a problem they will help you.
one of them are Galpon Artes, Abuso sexual infantil, etc here those organizations help them and give them all the necessary for they can be good!

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