jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009


1.what do you think about the global warming? do you think that the responsability is only of people?

2.what would you do if you saw someone throw rubbish on the street or on the park?

3. do you think that is a good idea select the rubbish by plastic, glass, etc.?

4. do you think that is necessary that the people take conscience about the polution that there is in Santiago city? What could you do for sort out this?

5. how can you help to prevent the forest fire?

6. Are you agree with people that are using spray products?

7. what do you think when the humans are killing whales? do you agree or disagree with this

8. how we can make a world without polution and more clean?

9. do you think that is a good idea fell wood in the forest?

10. What you can do for saving energy?

Carolina Castañeda
Guillermo Ovalle....

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