miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009


When I was a child I travelled with my family to Australia
There I have my dear uncle and my dear nephews.
One day we were playing with my nephews in the park when suddenly we saw a big big tornado but very far of us, I and my nephews were a little kids and we began to cry because we can’t believe that was seeing.
So my nephew called his father (my uncle) and he said “kids you should be calm”
But we were very kids and we ran in direction of my uncle’s house….
The air was terrible because was very strong and dangerous because into the tornado we can find rubbish for example parts of a car, roof of house etc... And these things could hit in our face or in our bodies...

So when we arrived my uncle’s house we enter an underground that he has in his house with a lot of food and some things for example: a bed, refrigerator, table, chairs and a radio because he say that he should be informed.

After that we saw the house and was destroy but in this country is very normal and my uncle decided start again obviously my family help them and after that my parents decided come back to Chile.

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